// I know the night won’t last. Your Word will come to pass. My heart will sing Your praise again. //

Do It Again: Elevation Worship

He forgives even the deepest of sins.

Welcome, Chasers!!

As we continue in our series: Generals. We will venture into what makes God’s general tick. Is it what they wear? Is it what they speak? The information gathered is from a book entitled God’s Generals: Why Some Succeeded & Why Some Failed by Roberts Liardon. Last week we covered a mighty young man from Wales in Bend Me.

This week’s general takes us to the heart of Concordia, Missouri. In 1907, a woman who believed in miracles was born. Kathryn Kuhlman. She went to church. She didn’t have the wealthiest life, but she wasn’t in hard times either. At least not all her life.

At the age of fourteen, she gave her heart to the Lord. She made a “yes” to carrying her Lord and savior all the days of her life. While her physical environment fell on hard times, she knew she could count on the Lord to be with her. Later on, she would make this remark.

“Paying the price” is not a one-time experience. It begins with an initial commitment, a determination to follow God each day of your life.

In my personal life, a quote that rings near and dear is “Stay The Course.” Both simply mean you don’t say “yes” to God once. You actually say it daily and on some days more than once. You are committing to Christ an obedient heart to serve as He leads.

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

‭‭James‬ ‭1:22‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Kathryn was loyal and integral. What you saw in public was how she behaved in private. She never wanted her flesh to compromise the will of God. Kathryn did what few were willing to do. She stepped out in faith. She trusted God to provide the needs and word for those needs.

Life seemed to be going on the high note. Though the passing of her father caused a tension it was that very tension that brought her closer to God. Have you ever thought you were doing the right thing and then got blindsided? Yeah? So did this general and his name was M-I-S-T-E-R.

A traveling evangelist came through and Kathryn took a liking to him. More so head over heels. Even though the Holy Spirit had been telling her to run away, she instead ran to him.

As a man with baggage and history, this man was spelling trouble. Now, I want to make a point here. It’s not that we can’t have baggage to go into a relationship. The strong key was the Lord had said “no.” When He says no, then it means no! Kathryn later snuck away in secret to marry this man despite council from her friends that said it was a bad idea.

You can’t expect to stay accountable if you are in a state of denial. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. The people you entrust to go and confide in aren’t there to make you feel good 100% of the time. Sometimes you are gonna get dragged out of the situation you’re in kicking and screaming. But in the end, you’ll see why. Then you’ll thank that accountability for stepping up to the plate.

“The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, But he who heeds counsel is wise.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭12:15‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Kathryn learned this the hard way. She placed her dreams and callings on the back burner to fuel her husband. She forgot the priority of God to call her into marvelous things. She discounted herself. I’d love to say she instantly snapped out of this whirlwind life. But unfortunately, she was still human. She had her own struggles. Just like you and me. She had to endure.

She finally made her choice. God above everything. She reset her priorities and came out roaring for the kingdom of God.

He is a giver of second chances. He pursues you even when you think He’s the farthest away. He is closer to you than you give Him credit. He’s in the wings waiting for you to say the word. Give Him another chance to take your mess and turn it into a message for His glory.

In years to come, she soared with Christ. Many healings miracles and deliverance. All in the name of Christ be the glory.

Her past may have come up in conversation or gossip, but she didn’t let that stop her. She rose above the occasion and showed honor and integrity. Living the life God had envisioned for her. She took the world by storm. She later passed in 1976. She forever will be remembered as the lady in white, “the woman who believed in miracles.”

So why tell you about Kathryn? She is the example of an ordinary human doing extraordinary tasks in the name of Jesus to make Him famous. Even in her imperfection and flaws, He chose her to do great things. He chose her because she was willing. He took her “yes” and transformed it into something that the world needed yet no one was willing to answer the call.

Now it’s your turn! Will you rise from the ashes of your past? Will you say “yes?” Will you run the race with Christ and follow where He leads? This is only a question you will answer. Her greatest struggle was Mister, but it also because a launching pad to propel her into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Join us next week as we deal with the family feud. The importance of family in your journey to becoming one of God’s Generals yourself.

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