// Keep on fighting. Out of the dark, into the light. It’s not over. Hope is rising. //

It’s Not Over Yet: for KING & COUNTRY

Don’t let a mistake distract you from your mission.

Hello, Chasers!!

We’re here! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! It has been a month. The more I want to be intentional about being grateful. The more I feel the struggle to be distracted. So what do we do? Give up? No, we stay the course!

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So we’ve been following the path of Joseph. From the days of dreaming to the days of fulfillment. We left off in Genesis 41 a promotion in the kingdom. So now that your dream has been fulfilled, what’s next?

Are you able to thrive in your promise? Joseph is 2nd in command. There’s not much higher he could go. The world is at his hands. So what next? Have you ever been living the dream and then a distraction comes? Have you ever lost your focus so much that you couldn’t even enjoy your dream?

Genesis 42 was just that for Joseph. We encourage you to read the passages in full. That you may receive your own wisdom and revelation. As we continue, there will be paraphrasing in order to honor your time.

So you’re on top. You’ve been through the low valleys and came out a victor. Then a blast from your past comes to steal your joy.

Joseph’s brothers came unknowingly to Joseph. The rage and bitterness surged through Joseph. The hurt from the past. This is a point to be made. Don’t let your bad past determine your God future. Joseph needs some healing. So maybe you don’t have someone who tried to kill you and sold you off to slavery, but you may have a past encounter that you thought would end your life at that point. A person or experience. This could be an indicator you may need some healing too.

So Joseph begins the confrontation. Genesis 42:14. The brothers never even realized that this was their brother Joseph. Point two, you may be giving your circumstances too much power. Also, they may never understand the impact they left on you.

Let it go!

“He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭91:15‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

There is a life you can live where “it” doesn’t bother you anymore. “It”, is different for every person. Be that person that takes the high road. That doesn’t seek revenge. Be first to forgive and last to hold a grudge. You can live your dreams out. You can do it without strings attached.

Joseph forgave his brothers and his life changed. He was reunited with his family and their attitudes change from loathing to loving. A circle of life came through. But Joseph never gave up. Even when he was tested, Joseph chose integrity. He stayed true to who he was in God.

You the real you. You need people who will lift you when you forget where you’re going. You need a relationship with God to talk about this thing called life out. The good, the bad, the ugly. Be lead by the spirit to go with the punches when they hit you unexpectedly. Most important.


If you have, ask the Lord to revive or give new dreams. You’d be surprised what He will do with your “yes!”

Join us next month as we enter into our last series of the year! Have a laugh, get a cup of chocolate and hear the good news that is coming!

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