// All I want is You to have Your way. You are the Potter and I am the clay. All I need is You to have Your way. You are Creator and I am what You made. //

Finally I Surrender: Misty Edwards

A year is filled with what you’ve made: moments, memories, & monsters.

The year is almost at an end now. It doesn’t seem real. Truthfully, I lost track of time. Time is our friend, but can truly be an enemy at times. We have a solid 365 days to make things in our life happen. In that time period we have successes, & we experience tragedy. On the best days, we can make mistakes. On our worst days, we can have the best moments. We cherish moments, & regret the monsters that we’ve created out of our actions. However, your year is not yours alone. It’s the Lord’s. As He watches over you, guides you, loves you. He can turn those monsters into victorious memories, & joyful moments into lasting memories. I long to see the returning of Jesus. The beauty, & wonder that day will be. Until then we have to steward our time wisely. As I shared some of my testimony with you last time in the article “Knowledge, Have I“; it was a crazy year all in all. 2014, started a tradition that I’ve found has got me through some of the toughest seasons. One way or another. The word of the year… Now when mentioning this some will have disagreements, some will agree. Regardless this is my testimony with words for the year. To each their own, you have a word the Lord wants to speak over you. It’s wonderful that we are all created differently, because it means we can all have different words. Because ultimately we’re all going to go through our journey of life differently. Do you have a word? Are you ready to listen?

2014: Revelation Revolution

Back on the turn of my life. I was invited to a OneThing conference out in Kansas City, MO. I’ve never really heard of it. It truly was a shock to me to even be able to go. I got asked last minute. When I say last minute, I mean like night before basically. I wanted adventure. So two friends and I took this journey that catapulted us into a destiny of transformation. There were many things that captivated me during this journey. It was my first road trip with people other than family. There was a lot of Jesus. There were a lot of laughs. More so, I saw the provision of God. I saw a God I never knew. I recall several of the worship sets, & some of the speakers. This journey truly defined my walk with Christ. I was in search of answers. I’d lost hope. In the strangest encounters, in which I’ll discuss another time, that now I know were God setups. By that I mean those moments you can’t explain in earthly words. No way, no man, no how could these thing happen just the way they did. One encounter began with a still small voice, “revelation.” Then at another point, “revolution.” It wasn’t until months later I would know what that meant. It became an anthem for that year. A year of revelation that was revolutionary to me. I joined a local ministry that saw people be freed, healed, & loved. I joined a new church where I once again felt the shattered hurts of life begin to heal. I went through a community based weekend that showed me more of the Jesus I never knew. I started a School of Transformation. That was just to name a few things. It became a determination to have word personally to speak over my year.

2015: Greater

I didn’t know how my word for this year was going to come. I prayed. I fasted. I was desperate. It was right at the beginning of the year I got my word. I didn’t really know how it was going to happen for this year. However, it came in the form of my pastor at the time. He felt by the Lord to lay hands, & to pray over each member of the church. When he got to me, all he could say was “I keep hearing the word greater.” I knew in that moment, greater was the word. This year in short was a year of many great friendships forming, great travels, great adventures, & overall great fellowship knowing Christ. What more could I want. I went to WKU seeking a degree & found some of the best friends a person could ever ask for. Friends to this day. That’s the reality of real friendship. It surpasses the test of time.

2016: Expectancy

This year the word came at the end of 2015. I was ready. Bring on the word! Last year was great, what more can I expect, Lord! Just like that, I knew the word was expectancy. I repeated this statement several times before it clicked. “Expect… Expect?? Expect!!” I was going to go through trials. This is where my word of the year truly got tested over & over. It’s where I had to lean on God, even if at times He felt silent. I had many of adventures. I went cross country by myself to LA for a lifetime event, Azusa Now. I was at the peak of joy & strength. I’d grown in a relationship with close friends at WKU. I invested into my life by serving the Lord. I outreached, & continued to hunger for the Lord. I went out to IHOPKC, for the first time since 2013, not once but twice. I grew to love fellowship with a ministry group called Luke 18. My life was on cloud 9. I was back in RN school for the 2nd time. Nothing seemed impossible. The Lord is good. Then April 27th, 2016, struck. I was in the fight for my life. A simple drive turned into a car wreck. Where I lost not my life, but physically lost part of my eye. It was a tough battle through the summer. I’ll speak on this topic directly another time. I completed my semester in the spring, just to go back into the fire of my 3rd semester that fall. It took everything within me to keep pressing in. I completed the semester. Finally I felt a breath of air. I expected the Lord to do great things. But nothing could have prepared me for that year. I had to expect the Lord to be with me. I had to expect Him to show up & show out. He did, every time.

2017: Breakthrough

This year I struggled to find my word. I was to the point of begging God. Then I got to take a journey to Pigeon Forge to a Winter RAMP conference. Everywhere I turned the word “breakthrough” appeared. It appeared on clothing, in songs, in the messages, & I gave in. This was my word. This year was some of the highest victories, but also some of the deepest losses. I passed nursing school, my dream came to life. I was accepted into RSM, ramp school of ministry, my promise came true. In my highest of highs came turmoil in the valleys. My church. My home. My family was falling apart. Not once, but time & time again. For those who don’t know me, I care. I care so much for the people around me it kills me to see another hurting. When you have multiple departures in your life it’s like a funeral in my spirit metaphorically. It didn’t matter who was right, or who was not. This wasn’t a game. It was real people. Real emotions. This year was hell. However, in the valley of the shadow of death I feared no evil. I saw the goodness of the Lord, over and over again. The rise from the ashes. The conquering of death, sin, & the grave. I saw mountains moved. As I end my year I recollect of the good of my life. Of my year. While crap still happens. I choose to see the glory of the Lord. I choose to rise. I grew a lot this year. In my callings, & gifting with the Lord. I began to see who I was called to be. Who God sees me as.

2018: The year of…

As we move into the new year it will be filled with many new journeys and adventures. Ups & downs. I know I have a family built in the Lord that will always back me. Support me. Love me. Not only my spiritual family, but my mom & sister. Though they may never know the fullness of everything I do. Nor understand why I do what I do. I know I am loved. That’s ok with me.

I don’t want to end off without giving you some scripture to back my word. You see in Genesis there was a man named Abraham. He walked with God & heard from Him. He was promised much. Sometimes those words are the only thing you have to hold onto. You trust God is real, and what He said to you is true. Much like prophetic words, Abraham had a word to hold onto.

“When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the Lord appeared to him and said, “I am El-Shaddai—‘God Almighty.’ Serve me faithfully and live a blameless life. I will make a covenant with you, by which I will guarantee to give you countless descendants.

‭‭Genesis‬ ‭17:1-2‬ ‭NLT‬‬

When Abraham received this word it didn’t come with instructions. It did not come with a play by play, or a manual. He had to believe in God. Trust He was who He said He was. After that time it took a minute for God to speak again. 13 years from the promise of having a child to producing the true God child, Isaac. I don’t want to wait 13 years for another word from God. But I hold what He does speak very close to my heart. Tested by the scripture & the spirit.

Finally, 2018 the year of refuge. Having cried, & prayed. I’ve received a lot of words for this year. Most “fleshly” hopes of what it would be. What is this the year of? Is it the year of surrender, faith, glory? Surprisingly I found it writing this blog post. I can’t even begin to imagine what this will mean. Like most of my words, I won’t understand them until the halfway point of my year, or the end. I bless you the reader for daring to take this journey with me. As we enter the new year there will be opportunity to grow in the word. January I want to start a series on the three Hebrew boys. More will be coming you way as we journey ahead. Until next time peace & blessings!!

Happy New Year!!